Compare Homeowners Insurance

Ives Insurance is the perfect resource to help you compare insurance policies.   As an independent insurance agent, we we work with all the top rated insurance carriers.

Our agents have intimate knowledge of the details of the policies offered by each insurance company. So, we can help you find a policy that meets your need along with the discounts you qualify for. 

Homeowners Insurance Policies vary between Insurance Carriers?

We will help you find the right Homeowner Insurance Policy. We will navigate you through the coverage that makes sense for you. The includes helping you choose a coverage whether it only includes theft, fire and the basic liability or a comprehensive coverage including a list of your valuables. We will also make sure you know what type of coverage each Insurer offers and excludes from their policy

Should you increase your Deductible?

Your deductible is determined by what you are willing to pay out of pocket. We will work with you to find out, if installing automatic leak detectors or lightning protection systemss or any other low cost measure will get additional discounts on your premium.


We will give you a list of all the different riders that come with the different policies which will sometime result in a discount for you.

Combining Policies

We will work with you to see if getting your auto policy from the same Insurer might be the way to go which can sometime result in up to 15% savings from your premium

Other options.

We will work with you to determine if Liability coverage  which is a part of your homeowner's insurance policy is right for you. Liability Insurance pays for neighbors property damage or bodily injuries to others.

Review your policy

Every 2 years, we will review your policy with you, free of charge to make sure if you did a major remodel, it is covered or if something has since depreciate, you are covered accordingly.