Condominium Insurance

While the building itself should be covered by a policy issued to the condominium association, you are still responsible for alterations, appliances, fixtures and improvements, real property which pertains exclusively to the residence premises, structures owned solely by you other than the residence premises at the same location, and property which is your insurance responsibility under a corporation or association of property owners agreement.

Personal Property

This includes furniture, household goods and personal belongings such a clothing, entertainment electronics, sports equipment and hobby articles to name only a few.

There are special coverage limits on certain items such as furs, jewelry, money and securities. Additional limits on these items may also be purchased.

Personal liability

If you are liable for the accidental bodily injury or property damage incurred by others, your policy protects you. Premises medical payments coverage is also included to cover injuries to guests on your premises, whether or not you are liable.

Loss of use

If a fire or other covered loss causes you to have to temporarily move out of your home, reasonable additional living expenses will be covered from the costs you incur.

Loss Assessment

As the owner of a condominium unit, you may be subject to assessments made by the corporation or association of property owners for a loss that is not covered adequately by the condo association’s insurance. Your policy will pay your share of the assessment, up to a certain limit when the loss is a result of direct loss by a covered peril.