Renter's Insurance


renters-insuranceRenters insurance policies protect you from loss to your personal property in an apartment, home or condominium that you rent.  This policy also protects you in the event you are liable for injury or property damage that may occur while others are on the property.  Many landlords and property managers now require renters insurance as a condition to rent.  
Renters insurance covers: repair or replacement of your personal property destroyed, damaged or stolen as the result of fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism, theft, water and others. Renters insurance will pay for damages and expense if your home is made unlivable.  The insurance coverage is limited to a percent of the total value of the policy. Renter's insurance can even cover you for 10% of your personal possessions worldwide. 
Many renters assume their landlord's policy covers their belongings as well. That's not the case, and they often don't find that out until after a disaster or a robbery. Your landlord's policy doesn't cover anything that's yours.